7 Times Degrassi’s Stefan Brogren Was The King Of Twitter

As a Canadian, I was introduced to Stefan Brogren as Snake, lowkey my mom had a pretty big crush on him according to my dad, and later on to my friends who weren’t introduced to the show until Degrassi: The Next Generation (yes that was the one with Drake). Fast forward past Snake’s affair on the show, having a baby with Spike,and  a stint as principal; Brogren is now directing, and producing off screen with Netflix’s Degrassi: Next Class.

Fun fact: I have auditioned for Degrassi more than once. Seriously, I did it as an actor who looks like 15, an as a Canadian right of passage.

Image result for stefan brogren

But, the man is one of many talents with tweeting being on of them. Here are 7 times Stefan Brogren ruled Twitter:

1. When he said how we all felt about The Daily Show, and life in general…


2. When he proved he wasn’t a sore loser.


3. When he live tweeted during one of the disasters this year known as the presidential debates.


4. And then when he reacted to the results of said election a monthish later…


5. He may be Canadian but he understands Americans and their holidays


6. Speaking of being thankful, tfw you are also thankful for Dave Chapelle’s SNL hosting.


7. And finally, when Brogren gave in and watched Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life like we all did this past weekend.


For more tweets from Stefan Brogren, follow him on Twitter, or follow me as I retweet my favourites.

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