#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with The Real World: Bad Blood’s Anika Rashaun

I could say MTV’s The Real World is a guilty pleasure but I never feel guilty when watching it. This week’s feature stars on the 14 (now 12) person cast season set in Seattle is filled with drama, romance, meatballs, and of course bad blood. The twist this year? Producers brought on a person from each roommate’s life that they had unsettled business with.
The fashion savvy, outspoken, and level headed Anika sat down to chat with me about her time on the show, share a common TV addiction, find out if she is on The Challenge, and we play a little game of F*ck, Marry, Kill.


1. What were your initial reasons upon applying for The Real World?

 My initial reasons for applying to the Real World were to experience this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity and to be a part of a TV show that could possibly help expand my lifestyle brand ASKANIKA.

2. How did you feel about sharing the experience with your ex Will?


Sharing my experience with Will was definitely not ideal. We ended our relationship 4 years prior to the show, so being placed in a house with him as a joint pair was not something that I was looking forward to going through.  Image result for anika the real world bad blood


3. Since today is #TMITuesday, can you tell the readers something that they may not already know about you? Any guilty pleasures, or hidden talents? 

One of my hidden talents is definitely the fact that I’m an intense foodie who loves to cook! A lot of people wouldn’t expect that I throw down because of my tiny size, but I can eat more than some of the guys I date. A guilty pleasure of mine is staying up late and watching The Vampire Diaries whenever I get a chance – I’m addicted!

Image result for the vampire diaries


4. MTV has been dropping twists for the last few seasons on the casts, if you had the option which twist would you most like to be apart of:

I would love to have been a cast member of the Real World: Chicago Skeletons cast. I feel like they had a cool theme because their enemies came and went, which is something that I wish our season had the opportunity to do. Also,  all of the roommates from that particular season seem like fun people who I would definitely get along with.

EXplosion (Have an ex come live with you, other than Will) – 

I absolutely hate this idea for obvious reasons. I would stay far away from this theme. 

Skeletons (A person whom you are on bad terms with come to stay with you for a week) –

 I wouldn’t mind this for the sheer fact that your “skeleton” would get to come, speak their part, then leave.

Go Big Or Go Home (perform stunts, and tasks each week in order to stay in the house) –

 While this concept is unique and interesting, it seems way too similar to The Challenge. I’d prefer to keep my Real World experience to 7 (now 14) strangers living in a house, not competing. Competing for air time is hard enough!



5. It is quite obvious that you and roommate Jordan clicked from the beginning, how did your instant bonding with Jordon affect your relationship with the other females in the house? With that, which male cast member did you become closest with?

 Without a doubt, Jordan and I clicked instantly in the house. While she was one of my closest friends during the season, I also was very close with Katrina as well. At times I’m sure my closeness with Jordan caused a strain on my relationship with others because we bonded so much, but everyone had a best friend who they made in the house. 

When it comes to male castmates I was actually close with Theo, Robbie and Mike. I had a very special and unique bond with each of them and know that if I ever need them, they’d be here in a heartbeat.

6. Speaking of the men in the house, lets play a little f*ck, marry, kill:


Theo:  F*ck ( I mean, come on, you’ve seen his body, hahah!)

Mike: You know I love you Mike, but since I have to choose let’s say… Mike takes a nap lol. 

Robbie: Marry (Family- oriented and can cook me Italian food whenever I want – need I say more!?)

Will: F*ck ( Been there, done that, and he would not be a compatible husband for me. However, I still have love/respect for Will regardless)

Kass: Kill (Don’t have any anger or hate for him, but someone needs to go, so he has to be the one)
Peter: (He knows how to take care of his girl Jen and seems like good husband material) 

7. Along with being a TV personality, you also have an advice column,what are some of the most common things you are asked?

 It actually originally started as a advice column because, as my friends know, I’m usually the source for giving advice and trying to help people as much as possible.  Since then, I moved forward with evolving the brand into a lifestyle hub where I create videos and content around millennial-focused topics that I think my audience would love.

8. The frustration and flow of emotion that occurred from the introduction of the bad blood newbies as clear, at any point did you consider leaving the show, or think it was a good opportunity to patch things up with Will?


This experience was definitely very challenging and stressful at times and I did have those moments of wanting to go home. But, I knew deep down that this was an experience of a lifetime and I would never quit an opportunity like that. I’ve never been a quitter and I refused to let a show on MTV turn me into one either!

I never came onto the show with thoughts of patching up anything between me and Will, because I felt as though there were no longer real, concrete issues between us two. We were simply two exes who tried to remain friends after a long relationship and it didn’t work.

9. If you could choose one song to be your ‘theme song’ what would it be and why?


If I would choose one song it would be “Famous” by Kanye. The whole Real World ride was a crazy one;  from the people I met, the personalities and egos I was surrounded by, and the constant monitoring of our lives. I think Kanye is the perfect blend of ego and intrigue, and I think that could definitely describe the house.

10. Whats next for you Anika?

Next year, you’ll get to see me grace your television screen again on The Challenge, which was an extremely different experience from the Real World. 

 Along with that, I am making a cross-country move from NY to LA to further build my ASKANIKA brand and embark on a new adventure in a different city . With my move, comes the opportunity to finish producing and pitching my own talk show.

Image result for anika the real world bad blood

I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a great year, so make sure you keep up with me on my Instagram and Twitter: @NikaRashaun & @ASKANIKATV and continue to check out ASKANIKA.com!

And I am ready to see you KILL IT GIRL. Stay tuned every week for all new posts here on TheNikkiSin! And you can see Anika Wednesdays at 10pm on MTV’s The Real World Bad Blood.


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