The 2016 Celebrity Naughty Or Nice List

Which celebs will be getting a lump of coal? Who will be opening everything from their dreams on the nice list? Let’s take a look at some celebrities who made my  Naughty Or Nice List:

Naughty: Brad Pitt

When news of the Brangelina split topped trends on Twitter it was revealed that Pitt wasn’t as great as we all hoped he was. I still have hope though, I do.

Let’s hope all 60878396406 kids end up happy at least?

Nice: Amber Heard

Another celebrity split gone sour with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. With allegations of abuse on Heard via Depp headlines flooded with rumours, and  the divorce settlement was HUGE. But Heard took the high road and donated EVERY DOLLAR.

Naughty: Bella Thorne

The actress only made this list because she wore over the knee boots on a beach, come on now.Image result for bella thorne beach boot I can’t condemn her for her dating habits because #getitgurl.


Naughty: Charlie Puth

On his fling with Thorne the singer took to Twitter to blast her and Tyler Posey whom he assumed she was still with. Twitter drama is so 2013, but Bella’s BFF Keke Palmer hopped in to defend her.

Nice: Selena Gomez

The megastar’s first appearance since taking a break from stardom at the AMA’s had her giving the sweetest speech to her fans, and addressing her mental health issues in a beautiful way.

Naughty: Baby Bash & Paul Wall

The two rappers were arrested on Friday on drug charges…oops.

Nice: Spencer Pratt

He has blessed us all this year with hilarious tweets okay, but be all those healing crystals?

Naughty: Blac Chyna
Rob Kardashian already led a sad life but after he started dating Chyna (who is the mother of his sister’s boyfriend’s child btw) causing insane drama in the headlines and on KUWTK. Image result for eleven wafflesBut after the two got engaged and had a daughter together Chyna just could not seem to stay out of the tabloids. The model allegedly left Kardashian with their child, AND ALL THE EGGO. And that was only the most recent break up for the two…

Nice: Amy Sherman-Palladino


There are of course many other stars who could have made this list but with a year full of dos and don’ts committed it was only fair to narrow it down to a small list.


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