My Top 5 Fav Moments At The Golden Globes

Not surprisingly the Golden Globes (which aired last night) brought some glamour, truth, and humor to television screens worldwide. There were a lot of unforgettable moments but here are my top 5 fav  from the show:

5. Jimmy Fallon’s Opening Monologue:

Image result for jimmy fallon golden globes 2017
The best part about the opening jokes at award shows is how uncomfortable the audience looks during. This is usually because of Ricky Gervais so this was a nice surprise that it’s not just because of him (I’m a huge Gervais fan, Fallon too for the record).

4. Donald Glover Wins for ‘Atlanta’, and thanks Migos.

Image result for donald glover golden globes
First of all I cannot clap loud enough for Donald Glover who is just insanely talented and Atlanta is such an incredible show. The actor/writer/rapper won Best Television Series- Musical Or Comedy and during the acceptance speech thanked Migos for making the track ‘Bad & Bougie’.

3. Black-ish Star Tracee Ellis Ross Wins GG

Image result for tracee ellis ross golden globes

Tracee Ellis Ross is the first black woman to win for actress in a comedy series since Debbie Allen in 1983. The former Girlfriends star (yes I was and am still a fan of that show) earned the award for her hit show.

2. Chrissy Teigen And John Legend do red carpet interview while sitting down.

Image result for golden globes john legend chrissy teigen sit down 2017
It me. These two are all of us. Legend posted the photo which was apparently taken by Black Lively on Instagram earlier last night, while MTV posted it on Twitter with the caption ‘Mom + Dad’.


Image result for meryl streep golden globe

Streep took to the stage while accepting her award to discus Trump, slay us all, and quote Carrie Fisher to bring us all to tears.

Take your broken heart ,make it into art” – Carrie Fisher

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