#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Artist/Dash Doll Caroline Burt

Fashion, music, and beauty are just a few of the things this week’s #TMITuesday feature covers on her Youtube channel. I had the pleasure of asking Caroline Burt, DJ, music producer and star of the Keeping up With The Kardashians spinoff Dash Dolls about her style, musical influences, her new video for Fake It and we may or may not talk about Neopets. Yea, you read that correctly: NEOPETS.


1. Who are your musical influences as a DJ/artist?

I come from the metal world, which may seem like a completely different world than the EDM world. They are both two complete extremes of two completely different genres. Metal relies solely on their instrumentals, and with EDM, every instrument (for the most part) is programmed on a computer. I like to call EDM the “Digital Breakdown”. The genres are almost exactly alike in time signatures and tempos. Growing up I was a huge fan of bands like Cohered and Cambria, The Used, and then as I got older I found myself really loving the EDM group called Nero, Foreign Beggars, and Pendulum. Rock and Metal are just still remaining huge influences in my own music. 

2. As a Dash Doll which Kardashian/Jenner’s style do you feel you embody the best and why?

I am told daily that I am Kylie Jenner. I take it as a compliment! Kylie is one of the largest sex symbols right now and I can’t lie when saying that she looks damn good! I do think that I really connect to Kim’s white hair black leather phase that she had about a year or two ago before getting pregnant with Saint. Kim’s style fluctuates so much, and I have just always had a bit of edginess in my style, that I just always find myself relating more to Kylie. Image result for kylie jennerWe both have this ounce of edgy in our style, and I always find ourselves almost syncing up with our looks, completely by accident. For instance, when I dyed my hair peach, I checked her snapchat and about a week later she had dyed her hair peach. I think we are both just very in tuned with the trends at the moment, and we take action on them! 

3. Your latest video for “Fake It” has some really cool visuals and colors, can you tell me about the process in creating the video? Was it similar to creating the song?

Thank you! Creating both were extremely hard! “Fake it” was actually the last song to be released from my album because it was the hardest to complete. I wrote almost 5 different parts that were never used. Nothing seemed right, and nothing really clicked. I got horrible writers block, and the song almost drove me crazy.I flew home to Los Angeles from where I was recording for an entire week to let my brain rest so I could stop overthinking and complete “Fake It” in the most natural way. Finally, “Fake It” became my favorite song that I had ever done, and I wanted to go all out on the music video. I contacted my friend Joshua Shultz who I know has an amazing team and produces some dope music videos. I explained my vision, and we went right to work. I researched fun paint ideas for every room, I went to home depot bought about 20 different colors of pastel pinks, blues, purples ect… and went right to painting every single thing. I went to different antique furniture stores and rentals and picked each piece for the video myself, and I wrote the videos entire treatment. It was an insane amount of work, but I am so happy with the results and look what I got from it, a bangin’ video and a bangin’ song.

4. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the fans something they may not already know about you?

I’m down with Neopets.

5. Let’s get into your DJing life; You interned under Skrillex and have been doing some big gigs including Lord Disick’s birthday party so where do you feel most in your element Djing: At The Dash store, parties, or clubs?

Clubs and parties for sure. I love clubs because everyone is already stoked on being there, your job is just to keep them hyped up and stoked on being there so that they stay. I seem to be good at playing the stuff that people want to hear.image11 I feel vibes super easily and sometimes 10 seconds into a song, I can feel that the vibe may not be right and I’ll transition out of that song right away. 

6. What would you say is your ‘theme song’ and why?

Right now? Caroline by Amine, haha! If overall, I’d say Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez.

7. As a reality TV personality do you watch any other reality shows?

I love Dance Moms, & I tend to watch any reality show done under Bunim-Murray Productions. I also have a huge love for political talk shows such as Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show.

Image result for dance moms

8. Which artist would you like to work with best and why?

Right now? I would love to work with Sia. She tweeted me after seeing Dash Dolls, and my heart right about stopped, but that is a huge stretch. I’d love to actually work with some rock producers right now and add elements of EDM into the work and see where that takes me. My voice is a one of a rock and rolls belter voice, and I think its time to embrace that. 

9. As a fashion industry insider what do you think will be the biggest trend for 2017?

Layers. Not the traditional layering, but layering like wearing a lingerie bra on the outside of your shirt. Layering is becoming huge. The messy, grungy, I don’t care look is coming back, and I am so excited. I didn’t see much of that in 2016.

10. Whats next for you Caroline

I am about to release a new song that I am so excited about. With that song I will be releasing a new music video! This one is even more thought out and I have spent 10x more time on planning this video than I did on “Fake It”, so I am extremely excited to see and hear the response from this song and video since I put an extra amount of work into them.

I’d love to play Neopets and do make up with Caroline, but while I wait for that to happen I promise to keep posting all new sh*t every week on thenikkisin.com!

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