The Top 5 Traveling Couples You Should Be Following On Instagram

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the aiiiiiir! Love is also on Instagram with the millienial couples who cause extreme cases of FOMO; I’m talking about the traveling couples on the Gram.

5.  @honeymoonhangover – Cam & Em Barr

Image result for honeymoon hangover instagram

They sure love to dive.

4. @ Roamaroo – Scott & Collette

Image result for roamaroo

The traveler bloggers quit their corporate America jobs to travel the world together, and began a very sandy life together.

3. @onedayonetravel– Franck & Richard

Image result for one day one travel blog
Stunning shots, and lots of love.

2. @wearewaterproof – Erinn & Ce’lene

Image result for wearewaterproof

1. @thewaxmm– ViVi & Etro

Image may contain: 1 person

Djs, producers, and traveling photographers.

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