#TBT: The Worst Person In Jurassic Park

I know what you’re thinking, it HAS to be Dennis aka Newman who tries to steal all that dino DNA but ends up screwing up Jurassic Park as a theme park, pissing off Samuel L Jackson, and getting killed in the process (sorry did I not mention there are spoilers for a movie that came out in the 90s?). But no, this week I am taking it back to the person I wanted to see get eaten the most by a dinosaur BUT NEVER DID. THIS KID WHO GETS SCHOOLED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FILM:

Image result for kid in jurassic park

So smug looking, thinking he knows more about dinosaurs than Alan does! He reminds me of the brother in Matilda who I also hate. Additionally, the whole theory about Chris Pratt’s character in the remake actually being this kid all grown up can all just go away too.