10 Dope Things To Expect At Metaverse: Heavy Meta Art Car Fundraiser

Festival season is approaching and who wouldn’t want to see a DRAGON AT THOSE FESTIVALS?! That is some Game Of Thrones sh*t no? As previously posted Heavy Meta is a 26’ long, 18.5’ tall metallic dragon vehicle with interactive fire, sound, kinetic, and light components. Built atop a 2001 GMC 3500 short bus, the project will be entirely designed and fabricated in Toronto. Its skin will be clad in hand-cut, hand-welded sheet metal, and its wings and mouth will articulate and shoot fire. Intended to debut at Burning Man 2017 but located in Toronto year-round, Heavy Meta will be one of Toronto’s only art cars, and certainly its largest. It will appear at music festivals, concerts, art events and regional burns in Ontario, Quebec and Michigan.

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On March 3rd, the Heavy Meta crew will take over One Loft for the first fundraiser for the fire breathing art car but what can you expect at the event? Here are ten of the coolest things to prep for:

10. Future Viking Attire

NYFW meets Vikings meets burners? I assure you the fashion at the event will be Instastory worthy.

9. Meeting the Heavy Meta team

Dragons do not build themselves.

8.  The Plounge

Urban Dictionary defines a plounge as:

Stands for “Plush Lounge”. A plounge is a space which has been created for the express purpose of lounging around in hedonistic bliss.

Get comfy, rest those dancing feet in a state of the art plounge!

7.Me, yes I will be there.

It is true.

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(SectionZ, ZYON, facebook.com/JELOofficial)

JELO is a Canadian prime of Electronic Music. JELOs productions rock dancefloors, festivals and some of the biggest Burning Man camps. His music has been played by DJs like Pete Tong, Umek, Gareth Emery, Moguai, Kill The Noise, Bad Boy Bill, Morgan Page, Matt Zo, Above and Beyond, Funkagenda, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan and more. Some of these collaborations brought forth certified anthems such as “The Reward is Cheese”, a collab with deadmau5, which became a bonafide #1 hit on beatport.com and a house anthem the world round. “Donkey Punch” with Hatiras, became a top ten anthem on its own. Check out his newest collab with FWLR featuring a gritty 80s vibe, Victory Too Soon: https://www.soundcloud.com/jelo/victory-too-soon

5.The Photobooth

A throne fit for you! Seriously, the photobooth is set to be a THRONE. #BaeOfThrones

4. A Hype Venue: One Loft

Experience One Loft on College St  as it transforms into a dark and dangerous dragon’s lair to welcome Toronto’s first and only mechanical winged beast. Bring your weathered battle gear for a heavily metaphysical and metaphorical evening of fiery beats and ritual chants. The future is ours for the taking.


I’ve already covered that Jelo will be in attendance but he won’t be the only DJ making those Viking feet move with a slew of music from:


2. The VR Headset Lounge (A personal fav of Mr.Steintology tbh)

House of VR is providing the party with 5 Samsung VR Headsets because THE FUTURE IS NOW. #WhatATimeToBeAlive

1. Happy Party Vibes

Image result for happy vibes viking
So it is safe to say this is a party NOT to be missed, help support art, Heavy Meta, and see me! For more info on the party, and how to grab tickets visit The official Heavy Meta site,be sure to follow the journey of the dragon on Instagram!

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