Bushwick Hipsters Trading Weed And Booze On ‘Bunz’ App

More like BUDZ Trading Zone, amirite?

Image result for broad city smoking weed

Okay so I suppose some of you are wondering what Bunz is so allow me to break it down for you:

It is essentially a bartering zone that seemed to originate on Facebook an eventually make it’s way into an app.
You can post items you want to trade with you ISO (in search of), or make a post about something you are looking for and make an offer to the OP (original poster). I’ve used the Facebook version myself to trade 6 chicken nuggets from McDonalds for a unicorn sweater. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE Y’ALL.

Additionally the original zone sparked spinoffs such as: Bunz Makeup Zone,and Bunz Pet Zone.

Apparently hipsters in Bushwick are using the Bunz trading app to trade for some dank, dank herb. If you scroll through the items in the New York Trade section of the app, you can see numerous references to “420” or “herb” in Bushwick, and I was able to get DM confirmation from 3 twitter users that they scored some green on the app near the Morgan and Jefferson stops. There is also plenty of beer for trade, and it seems like the app actively encourages people to trade tall cans as currency.  AND BOY ARE TWITTER USERS NOTICING THIS.




Although the app seems to officially discourage the pot references by asking you if you’re sure when you write “420” in a post, clearly people are taking matters into their own sticky fingers (including a guy who is just straight up listing weed) and scoring off people who live nearby.

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Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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