#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Are You The One 5 Star Ozzy Morales

Love, money, and reality TV are the three key components in this week’s feature. Are You The One’s fifth season has brought up some memorable folk one being the non-stop adorbs Ozzy. #TMITuesday brings to light answers from the MTV babe  such as ‘have you ever been in love’? Dive into this week’s post:


 1. Why did you apply for AYTO?

I never really applied for AYTO, the opportunity presented itself to me as I had just broken up with my ex girlfriend and told one of my friends about it. He then texted me a couple weeks later asking if I would be interested in having my information sent in to the casting company, it just so happened, he works casting talent for reality tv shows. After asking my close friends about it, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass.

2. Social media can be a scary place for a reality TV personality, what sort of response have you gotten from fans of the show?

My story line has been followed through most part of the show, so I have received a great deal of followers through the different social media platforms. I have nothing but love for the fans, they are always there to support. Image result for ozzy are you the one Of course there are the few that decide to choose sides in situations and when they’re against you they make sure to let you know they don’t like you, but these are things I simply let slide and not worry about.

3. Since today is #TMITuesday is there something about you that you can tell the readers that they may not already know?
We are going to have a reunion, and its going to be juicy.
4. Love or money?
Money is always nice, but I came to the show wanting to find that someone that would make everyone else seem insignificant.
5. What is an average day like for you?
Wake up early in the morning, go to work, first thing I do when I come back is get ready for the gym. After that, I usually have plans with a friend, go for drinks or dinner. If not, I usually stay home, cook a nice meal and watch tv.
6.  If you could choose a woman from a past season of AYTO as your perfect match, who would it be and why?
I always liked Victoria Wyatt, she has a lot of drive, she’s smart and seems fun to be around.

Image result for victoria are you the one

7. What do your friends and family think of the show?
Everyone close to me was happy. Everyone was super excited and has been nothing but supportive of me. The only person not okay with me doing this was my ex, but she came around. They think it was a cool experience and hope I actually found the one.
8. Choose one song as your ‘theme song’
Right now I would say Moves by Big Sean

9. Have you ever been in love?
Yes I have.
10. Whats next for you Ozzy?
What’s next? Well, I was one of the few cast members who was able to get their heads out of the house and jump back into reality. I came back to my businesses sitting right there where I left them, I have just been worrying about work.
If anything else in the industry comes my way, I’ll see whether or not the opportunity is good for me. Until then, I’m just worrying about taking everything I learned about me in the house and working towards bettering myself.

Stay tuned every week for new posts bbyz!!

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