The World Lost Another Rockstar…

It is with the heaviest of hearts, souls and eyes full of tears that I write that my rockstar, my best friend, and most importantly my dad passed away on the evening of March 15th, 2017. As many of you know he was one of the kindest, most charismatic humans on the planet. An animal whisperer, father, junk rockstar, b-movie, bad tv loving man. I cannot, and will not even begin to explain how shattered I am by this (especially via social media). 17352368_10158359191945134_7385793241215287534_nPops is the reason I know all that I do about film,TV, and music and the man was always sure to support me learning more about the two. He would always tell me little tidbits about certain songs, or scenes in TV shows/films and I’m pretty sure that is where I get my habit of “hey did you know” from. We played ‘Road’, he taught me to always stick by my brother, picked me up at all hours of the night from anywhere just to make sure I was safe, and always made way too much pasta. My dad meant, and still means everything to me and was my biggest fan, supporter and taught me so much that I was never given the opportunity to thank him or repay him for. Of course this is not about me, it is about the loss of such an incredible man. He and I agreed 2017 would be a big year of change for us and damn were we right.But, how can I possibly even put into words how amazing my dad was, I could go on forever and continue to have raw face of tears.
Pops never liked to be fussed over and as per his wishes there will be no funeral service, but a celebration of his life will be planned and held in the future.
He was always so supportive of all my crazy ideas, and dreams especially this website so it is only fitting that he have a post dedicated to him. And it is very likely that this will not be my last post about, or dedicated to him.
All of your messages,tweets and calls of love are appreciated even if I have not answered yet. And the casseroles (yes this is a real thing, people really do bring casseroles to you when a loved one dies). I love you all (okay most of you), thank you.

Published by Nikki Sin

Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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