My Childhood Nightmare Returns: Stephen King’s IT Teaser Trailer Released

So I have a lot of stupid fears, but my fear of clowns is justified. When I was a kid my dad showed me this movie and to this day I am still terrified of IT. Okay so I know in the original film the clown, Pennywise, is played by the LOVABLE Tim Curry but I can not see past that. The rumours of the remake of the film made me wonder if perhaps I could get over this fear?


SO VERY VERY WRONG NOW THAT I HAVE SEEN THE TRAILER. And yes,  I am aware that Pennywise is now played by that hottie (yes, I said hottie. Deal with it) from Hemlock Grove, and that the movie was mainly filmed in Toronto but I’m still frightened already.
With the recent success of ‘Get Out’ I’m glad to see 2017 bringing horror back to theaters even if it means I have to relive my childhood nightmares.