Keeping Up With The Jenners: Kylie Jenner Knabs Her Own Reality Show

In case one teen getting her own reality show this year was not enough, megastar Kylie Jenner has landed her own so how bow dah?

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The 8 part docu-series will air this Summer which is also when the youngest Jenner turns 20. Although social media seems to be Kylie’s main platform and, honestly she posts so much content it is already like a reality show, she has yet to comment in terms of what will go on in the new series. This is obviously not Kylie’s first reality show as she has been a regular since Keeping up With The Kardashians began airing. Kris Jenner has already congratulated her daughter who can now add this to her list of accomplishments including her own make-up line, hair extensions, and highly grossing gaming app.

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