#BeautyBit: Chronicles Of A Moonchild: Heatless Coachella Looks

Festival season is upon us, I’m excited to hear amazing music, hangout with fun people, see Heavy Meta in action. Music festivals are not all boho chic, celebrity sightings and flower crowns though, I hate to break it to you ladies and gents but you spend the majority of a festival living out of tent. Image result for vanessa hudgens coachellaUnless you are of course Vanessa Hudgens aka Coachella Queen serving looks all damn day. This means, without a generator you’re out of luck when it comes to styling tools. I tend to rock bun buns for a day or two then it is alllllll hats. With Coachella being this weekend there needed to be a solution other than dry shampoo. LUCKILY vlogger and festival veteran Chronicles Of A Moonchild has you covered for not 1 but 6 looks. The 6 styles are all heatless and festival cute af, I’m v ready to try these out this Summer. Check them out here, and be sure to subscribe for more videos from the babe: