#FitnessFriday: Hummus Filled-Eggs

Entertaining guests who are protein happy? Want to replace that same protein bar you have been eating for months? Beach Body has you covered with this delicious recipe that is packed with protein and flavor!

Recipe for hummus filled deviled eggs, a high-protein snack.What you need:

  • 8 hard-boiled eggs, cut in half lengthwise, yolks discarded
  • ½ cup prepared hummus
  • 10 Kalamata olives, chopped
  • Ground smoked paprika (to taste; optional)


    • Fill each egg white half with 1½ tsp. hummus.
    • Sprinkle evenly with olives and paprika. Serve immediately.

      Beach Body also provides the nutritional info:
      Nutritional Information (per serving):
      Calories: 223
      Total Fat: 10 g
      Saturated Fat: 1 g
      Cholesterol: 0 mg
      Sodium: 578 mg
      Carbohydrates: 14 g
      Fiber: 3 g
      Sugars: 1 g
      Protein: 17 g