MTV’s The Challenge Season 30 Begins Filming + See The Rumored Cast

This season of The Challenge has been crazy, but leave it to MTV to already get started on a new season. The line up looks hype, and I’m so ready to know what the theme is as they begin filming today in Colombia (rumored).
This cast is pretty stacked with old, and new faces to The Challenge family. There are some rookies who I can’t see making it past episode 1, and some I can see politicking their way through the game (Ammon I see you). Fan favourite and all around bae Jemmye making a return? I’m into it. Tori, and Devin had beef on Twitter, and AYTO: Second Chances so will they carry that beef on to the show, or will the AYTO castmates form an alliance? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS ALREADY.


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