Carlson Young Got Married This Past Weekend And It was F*cking Beautiful

The MTV’s Scream alumni who played Queen Bee ‘Brooke Maddox’, Carlson Young got married this weekend and not only was the wedding gorgeous but it was stacked with fellow Scream castmates.

Young married Foster The People’s Isom Innis in Texas this past weekend, in attendance from the MTV Scream family included: Bex Taylor-Klaus (aka Audrey Jensen) captioned the image above. Willa Fitzgerald (Emma Duval), John Karna (Noah Foster), Amadeus Serafini (Kieran Wilcox) and Alex Esola (Jeremy Blair).

I think John Karna forgot to invite me as his date, but that’s okay.

Image result for john karna

Young posted a photo of the two with the #goals caption the below photo is not the photo she used, I just really love that cat tbh). :

“I’ve been madly in love with this one ever since we stayed up till 5am professing our undying love for Ian Curtis and laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe at Lake Placid (the movie).Image result for carlson young instagram It’s been two and a half years since that night, and I still can’t even believe you’re real– I could not be more profoundly happy to go on adventures with you forever @isominnis.”

Congrats to Calrson and Isom! I look forward to liking all your adorbs Instagram pictures just like I do now. #Carlsongoticed

BRB dying alone now.

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