D*ck or No D*ck, That Is The Question

If you are reading this at work, my bad, it 100 percent looks like you’re lowkey reading a article about d*cks. I mean, you are but stay with me on this one. Bar trivia is great and all but a more fun way to spend a bar night? Guessing if there is going to be a d*ck pic or not.
The fourth installment of the hit game ‘D*ck or No D*ck’ is coming to The Bovine Sex Club this Thursday   and if you missed the last 3, or have never been to Atomic Lollipop the rules are pretty simple:

1. Two players take the stage
2. The title of a Craigslist personal encounters ad is read
3. Players guess whether it will contain a d*ck pic
4. Winner cocks loser walks

The winner will be taking home…a rather interesting crown? I’m living for events like this one, ones that do not take themselves so seriously.