MTV’s The Challenge Spin Off Premieres Tonight, Watch A Sneak Peek

I’ll admit I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be into the idea of another “Champs vs other people” at first. Because let’s face it this seems like a webseries based off of Invasion, but this is a true opportunity for the The Challenge vets to show that they have SKILL. The MTV alumni will go against real athletes in this spin off mini series. Image result for the challenge champs vs pros The show premieres tonight at 9pm following The Challenge: Invasion reunion and features recent underdog turned champ Ashley. Competing with Ashley will be Johnny Bananas,Cara,Camila,Wes, CT, and a few other Challenge favs. Can these champs stack up again WNBA athletes? Olympic champs? Better yet can Victor Cruz stack up to our boy T.J Lavin?!

Check out this sneak peek of whats to come:

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