Brush To Brush: The Art Battle Canada Championships

The people wanted a battle, and that is what the people got. The Great Hall, a staple venue on Queen St w., was home to the Art Battle Canadian Championships last night putting a handful of artists to the TEST.
With 3 rounds, artistic abilities/vision beyond any skill I will ever even come close to, and the votes of attendees a champion was crowned. If you have never been to the unique event allow me to break it down:

Artists (paint medium specific) go head to head by creating a piece on the spot with a short time frame. When time is called, the audience votes, and secures an artist’s place in the following round. This goes on until a winner is crowned.

The Art Battle allows artists to not only put their skills to the test, but showcase their pieces as they are put up for auction. AB has had 550 events with 6,000+ artist-competitors across Canada since 2009.

So who took home the 1000 dollar cash prize, a trophy, and bragging rights? MY DUDE MOSES SALIHOU DID Y’ALL (I’m almost certain that his dope shoes helped that, dang.)

IMG_7432      (Photo by MAXPAQ Photography)

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