#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV’s The Real World: Bad Blood’s Jennifer Geoghan

I miss y’all, I missed these interviews, and most importantly we all miss this week’s feature on our screens. Imagine you get a call from MTV about being on a Road Rules reboot (I would be fangirling tf out) but you soon find out you’re actually the twist on the latest season of The Real World. Jennifer Geoghan was forced to live with her ex in Seattle but that became the least of her problems. She found love on the show, and had an epic fight with Anna (I’d pay to see a round 2 tbh). I sat down to chat with Jen about the show, her career and become BFFs with her in an all new #TMITuesday brought back by popular request.


1. How has your life changed since your time in Seattle on ‘The Real World’?

Not much has changed, I do feel like I grew as a person to a certain extent. Obviously my living situation changed right after filming when I moved into an apartment with Peter, but now that things have ended I feel like since I’ve been through a lot in the past year I’ve become a stronger person for sure. My work life and everything else honestly stayed the same and I’m just enjoying life and whatever it throws at me!

2. As a hairstylist what is your biggest pet peeve with hair?

Oh man, biggest pet peeve has to be when people try to tell me how to do my job.
Everyone has their own technique on how they do hair…as long as someone’s hair comes out awesome and how they want it I feel like being the professional I should do someone’s hair the way I do it!

3. Do you keep in touch with any of your former roommates?

I feel like we are all super lucky there is social media nowadays so it’s super easy to keep in touch with each other here and there. On a regular basis I only speak to Lana, I even went to visit her in Michigan for a few days this summer. We have similar personalities so we get along great and I love her to death. So thankful I met her she truly is an amazing person.


4. You often tweet about The Challenge, if you were to be on the show who would you want to be partnered with and why?

I’d love to get at least one chance to get on a challenge to show people that I have a lot to bring to the table when it comes to challenges, and I feel like I need to redeem myself after how I was portrayed on my season….so if I was cast for girls I think I’d want to be partnered with Nicole Zanatta or Cara Maria because they are badass chicks and competitive. For boys either CT since he’s a monster at challenges and if I needed to be on exes I’d suck it up and partner with Peter since he’s competitive like myself and he’s won money on a show before.


5. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell me something about you that fans may not already know?

Hmmm, I pour my life out of social media so I feel like a lot of people know about my entire life haha! but no one really knows I went to college and was majoring in criminal justice because I REALLY wanted to be an NYPD police officer and eventually a detective. Being a hairdresser was definitely more of a calling for me 🙂

6. Do you watch any other reality shows?

Mainly just MTV ones….The Challenge (obviously haha), Teen Mom, Catfish. I don’t watch TV much but that’s what I do watch when I have time.

7. What would you say is your ‘theme song’?

Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is legit my anthem right now. My life in a nutshell. She’s also my favorite ever!

8. You were one of the lucky ones to find love on the Real World that made it’s way outside of the house. I understand you and Peter are no longer together, and fans on social media can’t seem to stop pestering you on the subject. Do you have a simple statement on the break up you’d like to give?

Lucky? I wish I can say lucky! More like lucky I opened my eyes and got out of it when I did (was that harsh? oops haha) Honestly I can say I got lucky because like I said I’m stronger now from what I went through. All in all we both had completely different views on A LOT of real life situations. Image result for jenn and peter real world bad bloodThere were red flags while filming and I should have paid more attention but I needed to learn for myself and I did. You want to be with someone that wants to encourage you through life, not bring you down constantly. I lost myself in a relationship with him but now I’m back to my social, bubbly self!

9. Let’s get back to happy things, a few rounds of Who’d You Rather: MTV Edition:

Dario or Tony?

Dario, he seems like such a sweetheart and I LOVE him and Ashley together…I live vicariously through their cuteness.

C.T or Bananas?

CT, I’ve always been a fan.

Related image

Leroy or Hunter?

Hunter, I love his motivation to kill it on The challenge, I actually wouldn’t mind partnering with him as well honestly.

Nelson or Cory?

Nelson, he’s another one I think is a sweetheart!


10. What’s next for you Jen?

image1Right now I’m just living life and enjoying my new beginnings in my new apartment. Focusing on my career and if the opportunity pops up to be on a Challenge then I’d love to take that chance as well. If not then I’m just going to continue to kick ass at my job!

check out Jenn’a work at: http://www.solesalons.com



And be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram!





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