Pittsburgh Had a Dragon In It This Past Weekend, Seriously

Less than a month following New York’s edition of Maker Faire the creative beings behind the fire breathing dragon known as Heavy Meta crew set off for Pittsburgh’s Maker Faire.
With a 5 hour drive from the dragon’s lair/birth place of Toronto  known as ‘The 4tress” ,the future vikings of Heavy Meta brought their team and the FIRE. Set up at the Children’s Museum the weekend long event featured an array of 3D printers (seriously, like 10), glass blowers, armor, robots, workshops,and all the cool sh*t you expect from a Maker Faire.

Image may contain: fire, sky and outdoor

Pittsburgh residents were treated to beautiful weather, free entry to The Children’s Museum, and the incredible flame effects of the dragon which amazed, and maybe scared a few children (okay it scared them for sure).
The incredible show and tell event which encourages, and inspires youth to create will feature a Cleveland edition next month where you can catch the Heavy Meta dragon team in all it’s glory.

Next up for the dragon is Destiny’s Freakout on October 28th in Toronto along with 90’s favourite Prozzak for Halloween #spoopydragon

photo via: @arushphoto

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Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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