#TuesdayTune: Summer Feels In December

I truly believe that the only good thing about Winter is snow, so all the seasonal depression, holidays, and bitter cold air (I live in Canada okay.) is SNOW. The fluffy white packing snow that acts as nature’s pillow and ice pack. Two key elements to surviving Winter, especially a snow-less one, is vitamin D and a Summer playlist to get you in that sunny frame of mind.

This past Summer we were blessed with so many dope new albums, and I’m disappointed I waited so long to get into Foster The People’s latest album. Despite my constant Insta stalking of the band’s own Isom Innis and his wife Carlson Young I have only recently had this album on repeat. I want to play this song on a beach with a mimosa and all my friends with me. For now I will settle for this track headlining my in my room-prework-no pants dance hour.