MTV’s The Challenge Is Back Tonight With Vendettas And A British Invasion

Something you should know about me is how much I loved the first maybe 6 series’ of MTV’s Geordie Shore. New Castle’s finest Geordies got their own version of Jersey Shore and it’s fu*king phenomenal. From there, cast members of that show hit MTV UK’s hit series Ex On The Beach where cast members were forced to live on a Bachelor In Paradise type island with a bunch of strangers and their exes. Both of these shows are huge guilty and not so guilty because IDGAF pleasures of mine and now they are hitting my favourite MTV series THE CHALLENGE.

Joining your regular set of Road Rules, Real World, and AYTO cast members this season are Geordie Shore’s Kyle (who also appeared on former G Shore star turned fitness star Charlotte Crosby’s ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’). As well as 2 Big Brother alumni and some Ex On The Beach crew for what I expect to be an explosive season. We’re finally going to see Alicia, Kam and Eddie duke it out after the shade on AYTO 5, watch new dad Cory gun for Bananas with the Young Bucks, and maybe Devin will win something finally?

Image result for the challenge vendettas

I was fiending for a new season after this last crazy season. Which thankfully brought on my favourite ship of Jordan and Tori. I’m never big on the spinoffs like Champs VS Stars but they do remind us that Bananas is human, and that Zach and Jenna are still that couple you want to see together on screen because ughhhhhh.  But this season will be interesting to see if the British invasion can handle the game, and if the Big Brother folk will be able to do a challenge that doesn’t involve a punishment of just eating peanut butter for a week. (Nicole would be fine with that though.). And like, Brad is back?! There’s just so much this season I’m BUZZZZZZZIN LIKE SCOTTY T AND I’M NOT SOZ RADGIES.

Image result for scotty t buzzin

The Challenge Vendettas airs tonight on 10pm and you can expect a plethora of drama, twists, TJ getting mad if someone quits, Veronica drinking wine, and Jemmye killing the commentary game. I’m also going to need my girls Briana, and Marie on their best Twitter games every week.

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