Three Times ‘Scar’ From ‘The Lion King’ Was All Of Us

I honestly think that The Lion King is so frikkin’ emotional but that’s maybe because I just watched it and cried with baby Simba. Disney has a way of creating characters and stories that fans really connect to. That’s why you find yourself doing a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Disney Princess you are at 4am, or at least that’s a solid excuse. I feel like I’ve been relating to Scar a lot lately despite my usual Jafar ways, and I bet you can too:

When you are forced to interact with someone outside of social media:

Whether it’s being introduced to your friend’s new boyfriend, or talking to your Aunt who really only likes your Facebook pictures and comments things like “is that your boyfriend?”  Image result for scar the lion king gifor “aw you look nice tell your mom I said hi”,.

Either way you have to pretend to be excited to be interacting with this person but my boy Scar doesn’t care and let’s his sarcasm be KNOWN.

When you’re the only person doing any work in a group project:

Sarah nobody believes your grandmother died or your Wifi wasn’t working at home. Just write your part of the research paper, Image result for scar the lion king gifand read the f*cking cue cards during the presentation. And then theres the person I see typing and deleting things in the Google Doc just to look like they helped edit the piece. I don’t miss college.

When plans get cancelled but you never really wanted to go out in the first place:

Image result for scar the lion king gifI’m a flake a lot of the time I can admit that. But even if you are not a flake like I am you must admit the true relief of plans getting cancelled when you weren’t into them in the first place. Maybe it’s that post NYE brunch where you KNOW you’d be throwing up, or a date you reluctantly agreed to go on to “give this person a chance”. Plans getting cancelled ESPECIALLY in the Winter is the best.

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