I’m Doing An Instagram Giveaway And Here Is How You Can Win A Bunch Of Free Sh*t

Who doesn’t love free things? I love free sh*t okay. That’s a lot of why I do influenster stuff because hey, free stuff is good. Well maybe it’s the new Drake video, maybe it’s my manic mindset, or PERHAPS I’M DOING A COLLAB WITH MERMAID HAIR EXTENSIONS BUT I WANT TO GIVE YOU FREE MAKEUP. I’m teaming up with Meg Kenny, one of my FAVOURITE make up artists, and Mermaid Hair Extensions to literally giveaway make up because I’m so excited for my upcoming project with Mermaid.

It’s SO easy to enter, and it’s your typical giveaway:

You need to be following me on Instagram, as well as Meg Kenny and Mermaid Hair Extensions. And then comment your favourite food emoji on this post on my account: