MTV Star Jemmye Carroll Donates School Supplies Through Amazon And Encourages You To Do The Same

Although you would expect Jemmye Carroll to be tweeting solely about the latest season of The Challenge (airing Tuesday nights on MTV) the Real World alumni took to the social media platform to give back. Image result for jemmye carroll vendettas
This week the “shade queen” of MTV put out a call on Twitter for teachers to send her an Amazon wishlist of supplies they needed so she could purchase them. Carroll took not one but SIX of those wishlists and fulfilled the orders that same night.

Teachers who received the wishlist fulfilling tweeted their gratitude and it warms my heart to read. The reality TV star and writer encouraged others to do the same and it’s inspiring when people in the public eye use their influencer and platform to do more than sell you sunglasses and weight loss tea. Good on you Jem, good on you. I’ve seen more than a few tweets about others picking up some more Amazon wishlists and if you have ever been back to school shopping you know this isn’t cheap. More often than not teachers will pay out of their own pockets for supplies for their class, tweet at Jemmye to see how you can help?


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