#CinemaSunday: Night Of The Creeps (1986)


I told you #CinemaSunday was back for a limited time in celebration of the greatest holiday: HALLOWEEN. Like any normal person, I started my spoopy movie marathons in September and came across this classic. Let’s get the 2018 Cinema Sunday season started with Night Of The Creeps. (Thanks Brian).


GENRE: Horror/Sci-Fi

In a feeble attempt to get his friend laid two friends pledge to a fraternity. When part of the hazing includes a prank involving a dead body the two dweebs unleash killer-aline-slugs onto campus.


The opening of the film begins in the 50’s and if you know me you know how happy that makes me. I like the film with the idea that it was a drive-in movie so it’s got that niche fun to it.


5 seasons of Skins (UK) out of 7

Who should watch this? 

Bhad Bhabie
your boss
anyone named William who called themselves ‘Billy’ through childhood
the yodeling kid



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