Teem Mom OG Recap Episode 2: Conditional Love And A BBQ

Okkkkkurrr episode two and I’m still team Chey, and I think…I’m maybe warming up to Amber a bit? My dad would not be pleased but at least it’s not Jenelle. I tweeted last week that I think Tyler and Bristol should date and now I feel pretty bad about it tbh. But I won’t delete the tweet.

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I think the format from episode 1 worked so I’ll just keep going with that yeah? LETS DIVE TF INTO THIS EPISODE.

Bristol: It’s pretty hard to watch her story this episode because I just feel so bad for her and the pain she feels in her marriage. Dakota says he doesn’t want a divorce because it goes against his moral and religious values. After a chat with Kerthy (producer), the two finally admit they just can’t be together.

Catelynn: Still in treatment for depression and anxiety Catelynn just seems to want to go home to see Nova. Give all of that about 10 seconds and she’s home early after being diagnosed with PTSD, trauma, and panic disorder. Tyler sees his therapist who suggests he and Cateylnn watch Teen Mom together to get some insight on each other’s lives.

Amber: It’s nice after so many seasons of her being horrible to see her finally finding some happiness. Andrew is at a wedding in LA so Amber is spending some alone time with new baby James. Back at Gary’s house, daughter Leah doesn’t seem to want to go see her mom.

Cheyenne: A reveal is made that Chey wants to have another baby when Ryder is two, and boy did Zach look doe-eyed during that. Cory wants to spend as much time as he can with Ryder so he hits up Chey’s family BBQ and drops a bomb on Papa Floyd by letting him know that Chey and Zach live together. Image result for cory wharton looking shockedWhoops. This tidbit of information causes Chey’s dad to explain he doesn’t love her unconditionally, he has conditions.

Maci: Bentley gets picked up by Jen (Ryan’s mom) and its all sorts of awkward. Maverick loses his ‘man bun’ for a new do. And then for no reason, Maci was all done up in a tee that said ‘baby mama’ and I’m okay with that.

Can we talk about how the producer Kerthy is this episode’s MVP? Because yes girl. And I stand by my “I think Chey and Cory” should have their own show statement.

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