#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV’s The Challenge Star Sylvia Elsrode

Back in 2015, I reached out to this week’s feature during her season of The Real World to talk about her experience and homegirl blessed me with agreeing to do the interview. Fast forward three years and a few Challenge seasons later and Sylvia Elsrode is back for another #TMITuesday! We talk about fake Twitter beef, casting choices, her budding new career (outside of TV), and silently bond over being short.


1. How has your life changed since appearing on MTV?

Not a whole has changed for me, I never really let the “TV” thing get to my head.  I’m still just your average midwest girl who loves her life. 

2. Do you think any social media beef between cast mates on The Challenge is staged or set up just to get people called for newer seasons?

I’m almost positive some twitter beefs are staged but that’s to be expected with people who don’t want more for themselves aside from being a “TV personality.

3. Since today is #TMITuesday is there something you can tell the fans that they may not already know about you?

I actually hate being on TV especially as of late. I don’t care what people say the editing they’ve done on the challenge to make people look the way they want them to look is ridiculous. Image result for joss sylvia the challenge

4. Given the variety of shows in which they cast members of The Challenge which reality show would you like to see cast members from on the show?

Honestly, I think it needs to go back to the original format because I’m over the new sh*t. 

5. What would you say is your ‘theme song’?

I do – Cardi B ft SZA

6. With Joss as your partner what was your initial thought going into this challenge?


7. Do you still keep in touch with Violetta, you Real World BFF?

I try to as much as possible. I love V but I’m super busy work right now, I really don’t have a whole lot of time for anyone as of late.

Image result for sylvia violetta real world
8. If you were to be paired up with any Challenge vet for a season who would it be and why?

Oops, I never really watched the show prior to me being on it so I don’t have a clue of anyone’s talents. 

9. What drives you to wake up every morning? What gets you going? 

I’m definitely an independent person who loves to live a certain kind of life. I have hopes, dreams, and goals I demand myself to meet. I have a future in mind for myself and I’ll be damned if I don’t get it the way I want it. Sorry, to break it to people that don’t include being on reality TV until I’m 40. 

10. And finally what’s next for you Sylvia?

I think honesty after this year, I’ll be finished with reality TV. I’ve recently started in Real Estate and have been VERY successful in both that and weddings. I have a lot going on and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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