Teen Mom OG Recap Episode 5: Private Lives And Private School

I really am wondering now how Farrah and Chey would get along if they were on the same season…

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Cheyenne: Chey is busy dealing with her breakup with Zach, and reveals that baby Ryder has a lifelong disease. The Gap model (yes, Ryder has already secured the bag) has to live with has a rare genetic disorder, called VLCAD. And Cory stays as the resident DILF of the cast.

Catelynn: More emotional drama between Cate and Tyler, but it’s par for the course given the many factors that the two have cultivated in their life together. Our poor Tyler has to now deal with his sister entering treatment and it broke my heart to watch.

Bristol: Dakota and Bristol find themselves caught up in petty post-breakup drama and struggle to co-parent. I see this is going to be their common theme in this season.

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Maci: Bentley is boujee now and wants to go to private school, this was influenced by Ryan’s parents and Maci is having NONE OF IT.

Amber: From prison to a happy family, Amber discusses Andrew’s positive effect on her, and her brother makes time to come meet baby James.

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