Can We Talk About How Dark Season 3 Of Riverdale Is So Far?

Cults, and suicides, and juvenile detention centers oh my! It is becoming very clear that this new season of The CW/Netflix’s Riverdale is hovering on the same lines as the new Sabrina series. I’m very on board with this new witchy vibe, and the adult themes (i.e Betty’s Adderall addiction) trickling in.

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With the latest season, just 3 episodes in we have been introduced to a cult, a jail fight club, a Dungeons, and Dragons type game where you just kind of kill yourself? I anticipate the season getting darker and weirder. I’m also going to need a Sabrina x Riverdale mash-up in part 2 of Sabrina.

What’s your favorite new storyline? Let yo girl know in the comments: