Canada’s Largest And Favourite Dragon Art Car Brings on Some Heavy Hitters For Whiteout 2.0 Next Month

You may recall, or not I’m not sure what you reserve in your mind as memories, a little party called ‘Whiteout’ last Winter hosted by Heavy Meta and The Ark. Inspired by, yes a real shocker here, a Burning Man tradition, the party took place at the legendary Mod Club in Toronto. Guess what’s back? THIS PARTY. Next month a Winter wonderland of magic and sparkle will be created once again with some big names on the lineup. The Facebook event escription along speaks voumes as what to expect for the massive party (which already has two tiers of tickets sold out):

“A fundraiser for the Heavy Meta dragon art car
White attire requested.

While Persephone’s absence from the mortal realm casts the world into winter doldrums, a great celebration rages in the underworld. Adorned in the brightest and whitest garments, guests bring light to the darkest regions of Hades. Join the good spirits in a tradition as old as time: the white-costumed ball.

Costume suggestions: Winter goddess, sexy yeti, ice giant, arctic fox, snow bunny. At the Mod Club, radically transformed into a winter wonderland.”

As for this insane line up…

SkiiTour (Vancouver, BC) ❄️
We are incredibly excited to bring this Shambhala Music Festival favourite production duo to their biggest show in Toronto yet. After rocking Heavy Meta at Burning Man during the thickest dust storm imaginable, get ready for their huge bass-heavy beats, ridiculous on-stage antics, original production on labels like Fool’s Gold, and collaborations with artists like Marten Hørger and Smalltown DJs. It’s about to get snowy.

Hatiras (Spacedisco Records, Dirtybird) ❄️
Part alien. Part human. Hatiras arrived back in 1999 and has been subconsciously penetrating the world’s ears, hearts and dancefloors with his pulsating, intergalactic house rhythms. Two time Juno award-winning Hatiras played a huge part in Toronto’s rave foundational moments and hasn’t stopped since, now label boss of Spacedisco Records and recently signed to Dirtybird. 

me time (We Met Dancing, Everybody Move) ❄️
She’s the antidote to all that dude-in-a-black-tshirt-smoking-a-cigarette minimal-tech shit. No, this isn’t the music for wall-leaning, drink-sipping, head-bobbing and small talk, this is bass house for booty-shaking, drink-spilling, sweat-dripping, showing off new dance moves, and of course, making it rain all over our favourite dragon. 

Ben Cormier (Heavy Meta) ❄️

Steintology (The Ark Car) ❄️

Tickets are available now for the January 18th event.

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Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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