The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide For The Instagram Addict In Your Life

Whether you’re the Instagram husband, or you know your best friend is never listening to you when you talk but merely scrolling through their Instafeed instead you’re probably not sure what to get them for the holidays. Sure you could get them a giftcard or whatever but that’s just a tad boring don’t you think? But there is no need to fret for I have graciously put together a holiday gift guide for you out of the goodness of my heart and the desire for new fans of my site. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

1. A How-To On Becoming Instagram Famous:

Perhaps the Instagram addict in your life is just searching for some social media fame?

‘Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous” By Henry Carroll (Available At Urban Outfitters & On Amazon)

2. A Tana Mongeau Hoodie:

Homegirl has like 2.5 MILLION followers so she must provide some Inspo for people. 

‘Cancelled’ Hoodie Available on Fanjoy

3. A Selfie Ring Light:

Help your phone grasping friend or loved one take the PERFECT selfie.

Impressions Vanity Co. Selfie Ring Available on Revolve

4. A travel charger:

Seriously then you don’t have to see the sad face of the person you adore when their phone dies. You don’t have to get a unicorn one (unless it is for me, then get a unicorn one yeah?)

FAO Schwarz Charger Available From Hudson’s Bay

With this small giftguide, I hope you find this holiday season easier on you for the Instagram enthusiast in your life. 

Published by Nikki Sin

Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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