My Top 5 Netflix Picks for A New Year’s Day Binge

If I said I hadn’t posted this on Locals for Narcity I’d be lying.

January 1st is typically a day filled with pizza inhaling, hang-over nursing and the laziest of behaviour for many. What better way to spend the first day of the year than binge-watching and inhaling snacks? I’m here to break down some of my top picks for your watching needs. Snuggle up with your NYE last call one-night stand, your significant other, or your bff as you both tear off each other’s lashes from the night before and watch some of these.

  1. Bird Box: Watch this simply to see what the hype is about. Seriously Twitter won’t stfu about this movie
  2. Friends: A CLASSIC, and you can argue with your squad about who is really the Joey of the group. I am the Chandler if you were wondering (which you weren’t)
  3. RuPaul’s Drag Race: The new season is just getting started so now you can catch up, and umm don’t f*ck it up.
  4. You: The new series starring Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey (I know he has a real name okay.)will have you hooked right away.
  5. Final Space: The poor man’s Rick and Morty is a fun watch and easily done in a day.
Image result for bird box GIF
Me trying to find my way to the bathroom in the apartment of the dude I left the NYE party with. Oh and also a GIF from Bird Box.

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