The Anxiety Diaries Volume 8: Musical Influence

Music is truly one of the most powerful things in existence. It has the power to move your body, soul and mind and it plays a very large role in my life. I, of course, have no musical talent whatsoever (unless you include my ability memorize rap lyrics) but that doesn’t mean my musical consumption isn’t a heavy hitter in my life. Music is one of the only components of my life that I am able to share in unique relationships with others. Meaning, my sharing of music with each person is different and special in its own way.

I’m certain you’re wondering how music relates to my anxiety, especially if you’ve gotten through the first paragraph of this post. I like to start the day with music that will help define my day. For example, I started today off with Reborn (a collaboration from Kid Cudi and Kanye West) to get myself in a mindset to write about my own struggles with mental health.

Keep moving forward, keep moving forward

The lyrics, the rhythm, the soul of the song can bring you to a place of safety and happiness. Music is the element that can help you time travel to a time when a particular sound made you feel alive, made you feel something because it is just so easy to slip into a numb way. This method of release and relaxation of my thoughts is a useful one to me. It was once suggested to me to note how a song made me feel in a spreadsheet or calendar so that I could go back to it when I needed to be reminded of that time or feeling. This is a healthy coping technique for me, not a solution but a technique to quiet the anxious wind tunnel of thoughts I can often have. Feeling like I can relate to a song is also a reminder that I am not alone in these thoughts and feelings even when they become so overwhelming I feel like I cannot breathe.

Image result for music in my soul GIF

Music has a way of being powerful over your soul but you also maintain power in how you use that. It’s a matter of being controlled by the sound but having control over what you hear, but not what you feel. And isn’t that we all want with our anxiety struggles? Just a little bit of control.

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