A Toronto Masquerade For Your Anti-Valentine’s Day Needs Presented By Tarna Hits Revival This Weekend

Toronto’s booming art car community (inspired by Burning Man) is a topic I never grow tired of writing about nor supporting. The latest mutant vehicle to be in production is a jackalope named Tarna. This warrior bunny’s journey is thanks to a group of badass Toronto women. This weekend the crew will transform Revival into an afterparty for your post-Valentine’s Day clearout candy shopping spree. With a line up containing some of Toronto and New York’s best the masquerade-themed event will have College street littered with mask dawning art supporters.

“Choose passion over love, power over heartache, yourself over everything.

Tarna presents the Heartbreaker’s Ball: A surreal masquerade. After an endless Fall through the night, we find ourselves in a world of dark and twisted elegance. Veil your face with makeup and masks and lose yourself in a world of opulence, lust, and luxury. Dress in either the crimson red or the true darkness of your heart.

Image may contain: bird and text

Revival Bar has arched brick walls, a chapel ceiling, and a massive balcony which will provide the perfect setting for an evening of risqué and high society revelry. Also, one of the best sound systems in the city never disappoints.

Open late with multiple rooms, music to move your body, and infinite nameless masked encounters.”
Rounding up the lineup for this event and your listening pleasure:

Cozmic Cathttps://soundcloud.com/djcozmic
Danny Thraxhttps://soundcloud.com/danthrax
Eric Holthttps://soundcloud.com/ericholtexclamationmark
Faetal – https://soundcloud.com/taliya-cohen

You can grab a last minute ticket here (because you’re a reader you can use code HEART_NIKKI for a discount yeah?), and meet me on the dancefloor? We can have a Nathan x Jenny moment like season 1 of Gossip Girl?

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