The Anxiety Diaries Volume 11: Why Maintaining A Routine Is So Important

The headline shouldn’t scare you, but I’m betting it does. Let me start by explaining that I do not mean a to-the-t routine of the same manner every day. I merely mean small habits as part of a routine to help with anxiety. This is short one, but an important one for me.

Most of my days I wake up, have some sort of beverage be it tea, or coffee, and immediately stare at my phone for the next hour or so. I sort through my notifications, emails, and scroll through Instagram for a while. A few pauses to pet bae, or my cats but mostly focused on a screen. Maybe breakfast makes an appearance, a shower, and a bit of getting ready. By then, it’s time for more coffee, starting my work day (being a remote writer means I can work from bed tbh), and a long sigh translating to “we can get through this“. These tasks seem obvious I’m sure, but they are small pillars in keeping my day together. Finding new music, and putting on my make up are also a part of my day.

Variations of this morning make their way into my life as I travel, or find a new place to work. Again, these are foundations to my day, a way to control the overwhelming feeling that my life is crumbling each day.

These foundations extend into the evening and night too. Not only is a skincare routine important for your face but it helps me keep a hold on my night. Brush teeth, floss (jk no one remembers to floss), wash face and begin skincare routine.

“It’s all about balance” is a bullsh*t thing you hear often but it works. Let me know some of your routine foundations in the comment section.

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