Ariana Grande And Blackpink Were Hanging Out And I Need To Know What That Means

Coachella came and went with many moments to reflect on for dear Ariana Grande. She performed with most of NSYNC, and Justin Bieber, she had some fruit thrown at her, but the biggest moment? She posted a photo with K Pop group Blackpink.
So now begs the question: IS THIS THE START OF A COLLAB?

Image result for ariana grande black pink instagram
Ari & 3/4 members of Blackpink via Instagram

Let’s talk facts here. Halsey has open the North American market up to K Pop collabs with her feature on the BTS hit song “Boy With Luv”. You know the one, “OH MY OH MY OH MY OH MY”. This is what Ari was made for, this is her entire aesthetic. She’s a popstar, and Korea takes their pop seriously. Over the top performances, and videos, rap breakdowns, and adorable fashion.

This is what we need. Speak it into existence. LET IT BE HEARD.

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