The Anxiety Diaries Volume 13: Time And Emotion Budgeting + Balance

Many of my friends (and I should probably also be doing this) have spreadsheets of their financial budgets. With categories from food, fun to bills and the less fun life stuff. This tool is instrumental in not only the discipline of spending but in having some sort of control.
Seeing the success of keeping a simple money budget got me thinking about the way I budget my time, and emotions.

More, and more I have come to learn that you need to budget your time just as you need to budget your finances. There are 24 hours in a day, and I’m certain I COULD spend it all on my phone, and watching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix but I know I shouldn’t.

What is time budgeting and why is it important for someone surviving anxiety? It closes the gap between the “high-level” life areas of responsibility and top tier goals, and the your world of tasks and external demands. It provides a balance, and a semi-routine.

This is the same with budgeting your emotions.

I have certainly mentioned in previous posts in this series that I tend to focus on other people’s problems to avoid my own but I’ve come to realize that no one, owes anyone any time. Sometimes, when you’re having a rough day it’s okay to say “I’m sorry I can’t help you right now.” and follow up when you can.
Remember, it’s not at all selfish to tell a friend or loved one that you just don’t have it in you to help them. You cannot be of help if you’re not in the shape to even help yourself. Give your best self to others, not all of you.

The current focus is budgeting my time/emotions into the things that make me happy, and productive. Sure, I have my bad days where I find myself making for far too much time with emotions that just spiral into further depression. The spiral that leads to me pushing away people when I need them most, and pushing away my work/responsibilities. I need to remember to prioritize my feelings to learn to deal better with them, without the spiral.

My relationships and my work are effected when I’m not in the right mindset. When I am not properly budgeting my time or feelings I’m not myself, I’m playing a character to keep up.

There are of course many apps, and programs you can use to do this but they can be a tad overwhelming. Start with a to-do list with goals but nothing too big. Add in some daily routine things to round out the things you accomplish and get some confidence you’re “doing the thing!”. A simple spreadsheet is a good start too. Block the day off into hour increments, and tasks/goals.

Keep a balance, and take some time in the day to focus on something that makes you feel like YOU.

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