#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With CMT’s Party Down South Star Josh Murray

One of my favourite activities with my dad was watching trashy reality TV together. My dad actually introduced me to Jersey Shore so it is no surprise he got me hooked on Party Down South.

I had the pleasure of sitting down to ask an alumni of the show about his life now, The Challenge, and the essentials for a really Southern party in this all new #TMITuesday interview.

1. I’m (obvious from my Twitter account) a huge MTV’s The Challenge fan, a show where a fellow Party Down South cast member Mattie Lynn competed on. Were you watching her last season?

 Sh*t yeah I watched Mattie Daddy on that challenge whippin’ she ass left and right! I love her Ass and was a huge supporter or hers and that particular challenge season. 

2. Speaking of reality TV, do you watch any? I’m big on 90 Day Fiancé lately. 

I honestly don’t watch much reality tv and had 0 knowledge of even what happened in it until I stumbled into Party Down South.

I do try to keep up with Floribama Shore and Jersey Shore when I can. Having the same production company, 495 Productions, I support their shows and enjoy watching with inside knowledge of what’s going on. 

3. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something they may not already know?

There really ain’t much I haven’t talked about publicly so hmm.

When I failed the backflip into the pool and busted my head open we downplayed the injury. I’d messed up my back, jaw, nose, eye socket, and neck. I turned down pain meds from the doctors cause I couldn’t drink and take pain meds so I chose partying and was back to it the next day!

4. Do you keep in touch with any of your former cast mates?

I do still talk to my cast mates! I talk to Daddy at least once a month!

5. What can we find on your recently played songs list? (Top 5)

My top 5 right now ranges widely from Jon Langston to Amon Amarth

6. Party Down South was clearly inspired by the hit series Jersey Shore. Do you think the JS cast could handle a night in the PDS house? Could you handle a night on the Jersey Shore?

When it comes to Party Down South compared to Jersey Shore we’re vastly different as people. So I think if the casts were to meet we would flat out drink em under the table, but they would party longer than us through the night.

We’d typically drink all day everyday and go to the bars around 8 or 9 so we’d have time to fish for chicks before the lights came on at 2 am. I think that’s typically what time they go to the club!

7. How has your life changed since your time on the show?

Since the show ended it was a pretty seamless transition back into the work place I was at before I did PDS. I do miss the fun though, can’t get it going the same without everyone else!

8. Everyone has a celebrity crush so who is yours and why?

My celebrity crush is hands down Maria Brink! Singer for the band In This Moment. That woman is the top of my list being beautiful, artistic, talented, tattooed, and puts on a FANF*CKINTASTIC show!

9. Partying down South looks hard (this is coming from a Canadian). What are the essentials for a night out in the South?

So prepare for a typical night out in the south you don’t need much at all! It’s clothes optional, booze a necessity, and a mentality prepared to GET IT GOING!

10. What’s next for you?

Next for me is to finish this drink and climb into bed so I can get up at 5 am and go work on some equipment!

Stay tuned for more interviews with your favorites in reality TV, music, and pop culture this Fall on thenikkisin.com

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