Hot Take: I Think Noah Cyrus’ Music Is Seriously Underrated

Little sister to megastar Miley Cyrus young Noah (only 19 years old) has been finding her sound over the last year or so.

The first we really heard from here was ‘Stay Together‘ which appeared to have a heavy influence from Miley’s ‘Bangerz‘ album. With themes of parties, a lack of sobriety and staying out all night taking center stage.

Noah is certainly more ‘LA’ than her sister with the obvious lip fillers, hair and lash extensions anode course a joint in her hand at all times (but like girl you do you). I feel as though this had an impact on her music early on. And later on trickled to influence her dating life when she began to see Lil Xan. However this piece is not to compare the sisters or talk about her ‘LA look’, although is does explain her friendship with Youtube star Tana Mongeau.

Lil Cyrus’ music has gone from “We Can’t Stop pt 2”, which let’s be honest that is what the vibe was, to a stories of love in “Cry” and “Again“, then a ballad with Lil Xan that we can just go ahead and ignore.

I believe Noah found her heartbreak sound with the release of ‘July’ and truly let us into her mind with the recent release of ‘Lonely’.
The raw emotions you hear in her vocals seem to stem from the death of her friend XXXtentation and her very public break up with Lil Xan. Regardless of her level of fame and celebrity the subject of heartbreak whether it be from romance or grief is relatable.

The thing with young artists is that you grow with them and they grow with their music. You feel like a part of their journey as their sounds play soundtrack to your own life. Young Cyrus has the Ashlee Simpson sibling overshadowing and I think that’s unfair given her talent.

I’m just saying give Noah a chance you know?

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