The Anxiety Diaries Volume 16: A List Of Ways To Keep Busy (In No Particular Order)

I have recently discovered that my previous posts in this segment are clouded with my rambling. I don’t dislike that notion but I do want to switch it up a bit this month.

Something I struggle with when I’m anxious or depressed is keeping busy but I know how important it is. I have compiled a list of ways to keep busy when you feel anxious or a mental health cycle approaching. These are things I do/am doing and things I could/probably should do.

1. Exercise: My current favorite is to go for a 20 minute jog. I stay in my neighbourhood and put my phone in airplane mode.
Another option is a class with a friend I am currently looking into an acrobatics class.

2. Eating healthy/cooking: The way I get around my love for pizza and wanting to eat healthy is simple whereas I made my own flatbread pizza. But eating healthy means cooking your own food. Now you have to shop, plan and cook which will keep you quite busy.

3. Simple hangouts with friends: Grab your laptop and phone charger and stare at your screens together.

4. Get a hobby: You don’t have to collect stamps or anything but find something else to do. You might even meet some new people.

5. Start a new TV series or video game: I hesitated to put this one down but entertainment is a great form of escapism. Why do you think I have a pop culture blog?

6. Learn a new skill: I’m currently in the midst of a marketing brush up online course. But there are other skills I’m looking to learn this Winter. You’re never too old to learn.

7. Take a trip: It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic (although it can be if your budget is something that can do that). Winter/Fall camping is a real thing that people do and I know it will sound strange with ME saying camping is fun but it is.

You could also drive somewhere with no real destination. Road trips are a great getaway and a perfect way to listen to a moody album with all the feels.

8. GO OUTSIDE: Seriously even if it’s once a day for a coffee or a stroll that fresh air and vitamin D will go a long way.

9. Do something you love doing: I love writing so I make sure to do that daily. Perhaps you love to make music, paint or simply scroll through Instagram. Make time to do things you love without judgement from others. Love trashy TV? Watch some crap.

10. Therapy: I find it helps me, you may too. Having an appointment also gives me a reason to leave the house that day.

11. Spend time with family: If you have the luxury of being in touch with your family give them a call or hang out with them. Don’t wait for a holiday to be forced to see each other.

12. Volunteer: Walk animals at your local shelter, or volunteer your time at an event or working with an organization you support.

These are of course just a few examples of ways to keep busy. But don’t forget to address your issues too. You can’t hide from your anxiety but you can ensure you use your time wisely.

Published by Nikki Sin

Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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