#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Dj/Producer Genix

I assume everyone who reads this blog assumes I solely enjoy pop and rap music. Well you’re wrong so I bet you feel dumb (or don’t care). My dad was oddly into quite a bit of

  1. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but where does yours come from?

    Simple MUSIC! I’m a huge music fan, I listen to it and it inspires me in everything in life to be honest. It can range from music that gives you goosebumps to dark techy 5 am club beats.
  2. What is the definitive track to describe your current production style right now?

 I love my track ‘Kill Switch’ I really love playing that one out, but also forthcoming Ba55 Camp, Rave Daze & Zuul pretty much sum up where I’m at musically right now.

3. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

I have released over 100 records! And have two official Guinness World records from DJing.

4. Describe ‘trance’ to someone who has never heard the genre before:

I’m not a trance DJ, or a Tech DJ… I don’t want to categorize my sound, it’s the Genix sound! But in my opinion Trance music is emotion, especially the stuff from 95– 2002 era, that stuff really made me who I am today!

5. You’re now a Guinness World Record holder for performing 5593 meters high in Nepal! Can you take me through that experience? 

 I would need to chat a long time to take you through the whole thing, but to summarize it took us 8 days to reach the summit of Kalapatthar, which is just higher than Everest Base Camp and adjacent to Mt.Everest. It was pretty brutal at times, like a roller coaster. Halfway through the trek, I had some early signs of altitude sickness. Our whole group struggled at some point, the thin air made it so hard to even walk! But the scenery was totally breathtaking on the hike, and the DJ set was totally surreal. It felt like a dream because we were so exhausted, dehydrated and light-headed in the thin air. But it is something that I will never forget, a truly special emotional moment in my life.

6. Throughout your career, you have played many shows. What is your most memorable gig to date?

The most memorable would be the altitude DJ set! I’m a keen hiker, so to combine two of my favourite things in a beautiful place was amazing, I’ve had so many other incredible DJ gigs, but that one was the most unique.

7. What is it like to be part of the Anjunabeats family?

It’s special, in fact, us DJ/producers are the same as everyone else! We love music just the same. So we all have that special connection.

8. The production process is a complicated one, what is your personal process when creating a mix? How do you curate the vibe?

 The vibe depends on my mood, how I am feeling. I think that’s a good thing and my feelings and personal state translate into what I’m producing. I don’t have a strict process to make tracks. I see it as an artist with a blank canvas… every painting ends up different and it’s exactly the same as me.

9. Sweet snacks or savory snacks? 

 Can I say both?

10. What’s next for you? 

 Hopefully world domination, if not the universe. On a serious note, I have an amazing Anjunabeats worldwide Tour coming up! So I’ll be playing tracks from the album that I mixed along with lots of other new tracks from me! I’m super excited!

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