My 2019 Top 10: TikTok Stars

Tiktok is the new which is the new Vine.

Let us have a moment of silence for Vine.

Any way, you may be over the age of 25 and wondering ‘what IS a TikTok?’…
TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, Inc. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.” I like to call it the poor man’s Vine. I decided to start off my top 10 end of the year lists with some of my fave accounts. So if you don’t already waste hours on this app you downloaded as a joke you probably will now. I went with 10 creators that don’t seem like they’re in it for the clout, because it’s TikTok so don’t take it so seriously?

10. @KingBach (9.6M followers): He’s a Viner/actor who has regained popularity through TikTok. Expect funny skits and b-list celebrity cameos.

9. @Stinkypoopy666 (26.9k followers): A Doja Cat lookalike with a real e-girl-Vine energy.

8. @mariah_amato(621.7k followers): A very talented dancer (seriously)

7. @Charleynash23 (31.4k followers): Daughter of the Vlog Squad’s Jason Nash this is finally a TikTok account I would let me niece check out.

6. @abbyhudsonn (5999k followers): A fellow platinum blond babe just doing her own thing.

5. @thenikkisin (10 followers): me. it is me.

4. @sarachaaasauce (41.3k followers): Her hair is cute and her story times are fun too.

3. @basicwitcn (79 followers): cute kawaii content

2. @celinaspookyboo(813.k followers): doesn’t take herself too seriously

1.@arbacn (942.7k followers): I just want her to meet John Mulaney y’all

What are you favourite accounts to follow? Let me know in the comment section.

Honorable mentions:

@brittany_broski (2.1M followers: it’s kombucha girl
@zanehijazi (2.5M followers): Vlog squad OG member
@ollierose (189.7k followers): A mom with a potty mouth tbh

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