I Tried The BabeBox Make Up Subscription And Here Is What I Found

Like any normal depressed person with an internet connection and a credit card I find myself ordering things I don’t need online all the time. In relation to that, I’m a sucker for coupon codes. Use the Honey extension (am I a famous creator with a Honey code? No.) I found a code for a “free” month of BabeBox, a monthly subscription box with 4 “high end” brand products per month.
I’m already an Ipsy subscriber (another monthly makeup box subscription), and a micro influencer so I’m always excited to try new products. I thought to myself “I’ll get the free month, see how I like it and then cancel if I hate it. Easy”


I paid the 10 dollars Canadian dollars for the shipping of my first box and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. I waited close to 3 weeks for the box until it finally arrived.
I open the box (carefully, so I can do an unboxing on Instagram) to find 4 products from 4 brands I have never heard of in my entire life. Now, let’s keep in mind I often find lesser known brands and adore them but these were mediocre at best. A Model Co brow gel, a Luna By Luna lip oil and a dark highlighter not at all suited for my skin tone.

Given I only paid for the shipping I wasn’t too upset and decided to cancel my subscription. The cancellation process is at least 10 steps and this includes speaking to a representative. The customer service was slow and atrocious. I was told that in order to cancel I would still have to pay for the next month’s box and to wait until I received the following box to cancel.
The next box came to about 50 dollars Canadian and contained another 4 products I didn’t like.

So my review? 1/5 stars.

I should really just subscribe to a snack subscription box…