#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Youtuber Tom Ward

Probably one of the most unlikely Youtubers, Tom Ward spends his days interviewing the world’s biggest influencers, and social media stars so I decided to have him be the interviewee today. We chat about a mutual adoration for Howard Stern, the media’s future, and more in this brand-new interview.

1. You’re a father to two beautiful girls, what advice would you give them if they wanted to become influencers?

I’d never want my daughters to be influencers! Haha, I try not to share a lot of pics of them, on social, because they never signed up to be a public figure. Maybe they’ll be private people and not want to share their lives to the world. It’s totally their call. But I’d much rather have them spending their time learning something, than worrying about likes and their engagement rate.

2. Aside from your own, what other Youtube channels are you subscribed to?

Actually none. I rarely watch YouTube.

3. Your guest list roster has been STRONG, but who are your dream guests on ‘The Tom Ward Show?”

Howard Stern, without question. I’ve been listening to him since I was like 8 years old. He’s the greatest interviewer on the planet. He used to be known for having porn stars on the show. But a couple of weeks ago he did a 2 hr interview with Hillary Clinton. He can do it all.

4. Since today is #TMITuesday is there something you can tell the readers about you that they may not already know? That I’ve been sober 14 years. And that I have a day job. I do all this stuff on the side.

5. How strange is it to be the one being interviewed instead of the other way around?

Not that weird because I love talking about myself. Haha. But I hate when interviewers just ask a question from a piece of paper and sit there like a robot while I answer. I’d rather have a conversation. So, sometimes I’ll take over and ask them questions.

6. If you could choose one song to be your ‘theme song’ what would it be and why?

Probably Drake’s “Started From The Bottom.” I was basically homeless in my 20’s and all f*cked up but I turned it all around and now I’m here.

7. You’re vocal about your quest for fitness success on your Twitter, so can you tell me what an average workout is for you is?

It varies. But the one constant is boxing. I’ve been doing that for 10 years. Every round is 3 minutes and our gym has a 30 second rest in between rounds. So, I’ll do three rounds of jump rope. 3-5 rounds of shadow boxing. 4 rounds on the heavy bag, 4 rounds on the uppercut bag, 3 rounds on the double end bag, 2 rounds on speed bag. And then I’ll do mitt work with a trainer. I always end with abs. On sparring days, I spar first and do a light workout after. I can’t imagine this being interesting to anyone! Haha.

8. With Trump’s “fake news” bs and you working for the media (Forbes) what do you think the future holds for writers and the media?

It doesn’t look good. Think about it. The people who comment on the news, get paid more than the people who report the news. The Sean Hannity’s of the world have huge ratings and he just gives his take on things. He doesn’t report anything. For a traditional reporter it’s so tough, because magazines/newspapers are going away so there are limited jobs out there. Plus, they don’t pay well.

9. Let’s get super simple here: cats or dogs?

Dogs. Is that even a question?

10. What’s next for you Tom?

I’ll just keep doing my thing. I’m focusing on growing my YouTube channel, so everyone go subscribe:)

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Toronto based blogger, dreamer, and a green tea addict. Currently working with a fire breathing dragon, no seriously.

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