#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with TikTok Creator @Lewwni

TikTok has yet to reach the point where all of it’s most popular creators are selling us weight loss tea, we still have some real ones left. This week I feature one of those real ones with Sierra aka @Lewwni. From her pizza royalty status to which creators she wants to collab with, we chat about it all. LETS GET TO IT Y’ALLLLL.

1. You are the RONI QUEEN, the royalty of the pepperoni pizza kingdom. So tell me what your ultimate pizza is?

Honestly, I am a simple gal. All pizza reigns supreme in my eyes, but a classic pepperoni pizza aka, roni za is my favorite. When done right, it’s unbeatable. Before my body decided not to tolerate gluten, a classic stuffed crust roni za from Pizza Hut was my go-to. Now, I enjoy trying to perfect my own superb classic pepperoni pizza at home. Doing it yourself helps to avoid roni rage.

2. I’m sure just like the rest of us you downloaded TikTok as a joke and now you’re addicted to it. Did you ever expect to be a top creator?

Absolutely not!! I downloaded it for fun actually. My nieces and nephews were always talking about it which is what got me interested. I thought it seemed similar to Vine, which I was obsessed with, and love anything that’s going to make me laugh. At first (like most of us) I just watched and shared videos while I tried to figure out how to use the app behind the scenes. Once I figured it all out, I thought it would be a fun way to monitor the progress of our home renovations, but that didn’t last long. The weird Sierra took over and was like, “I’m funny. I could make funny videos on here. I’ve been making weird videos since I was young, I can do this” and now here we are!

3. Which fellow TikTok creators would you like to collab with the most?

Sheesh! There are so many! I would say…

@imthejay – @christines_snaps – @reitergrace – @brittany_broski – @juswannabfamous – @adamrayokay – @calegoes

I feel like they all share the same weird sense of humor as me and we would just have a damn ball. They all inspire me and make amazing content! If any of you see this, thanks for being weird. What’s good, hit me up. LOL.  

4. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?

This is hard because I’m kind of an open book. Here’s a fun and weird fact…I love to have my feet tickled/rubbed, like it’s relaxing to me; but I HATE getting a pedicure. It’s like torture to me. Is it necessary? Yes. But I pretty much hold my breath through the whole thing. My feet are just sensitive AF. I’m scared their going to accidentally clip my skin or use that dead skin file a little too hard and get down to some raw skin. IDK, I know – I’m a weirdo. This made me nervous just thinking about it.

5. What is your ‘theme song’?

Holy man, good question. After much deliberation, I would say,

“Gypsy” – Fleetwood Mach

That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, LOL. It was hard for me not to choose a rap song. Jacob always calls me gypsy because I’m just a free soul and free spirited; that’s how everyone’s always seen me. This song speaks to me and always puts me in a good mood. I am 100% a gypsy, lol.

6. Let me preface this with the fact that I am TERRIBLE at makeup, I try, I do, I even do bad makeup tutorials on my Instagram. Thanks to one of your followers sending you some makeup you are basically the new beauty guru no? What’s a look you have always wanted to try? 

Just call me Sierra Star! Move over beauty guru’s, there’s a new sheriff in town. LMFAO, helllll no. I am trash, actual trash at makeup. Like I don’t understand how people are so good?! HOW?!

I’ve always wanted to be able to do the sexy smoky look with a good winged liner and some big ass eye lashes (but for the lashes to still look natural, just also look like I could fly away if I blink fast enough, ya know?) For now, we’ll stick to smudging the same tan color on my eye, smearing on some blush and using the mascara my grandparents get me for Christmas every year. However, I have been getting a bit more adventurous with eye shadow lately now that I have actual palettes and legit brushes. Thanks, Lindsay!!

7. Do you remember what the first TikTok was that you posted? 

Yes! I was so corny! As I previously mentioned, I wanted to initially use the app as a fun way to show the progress of our home renovations. My first video was to the audio “Hard Times” by Paramore and I was just showing what a wreck the house was with captions like “buy a fixer upper they said, it’ll be fun they said.” Social media had been persuading me to be more of an “adult” at the time and that was my attempt at being one, LOL. We all see how that turned out.

8. What is an average day like for you?

A typical weekday goes…

Unfortunately, wake up, LOL…JK…kind of. I wake up at 5:30AM for work, which is when you see me struggling through my morning GRWM videos.

I sprint out the door no later than 6:30AM (or I’m like severely late) and stop for a grande, triple shot, white chocolate mocha latte at Starbucks on the way.

My work day is 7AM-4PM and my work days vary. I could be up in my office working all day, out doing deliveries, doing IT stuff for the office, it really just depends on the day. My job is really fun though. I love marketing and I work with a really great group of people!

After work, I hop in my car and immediately start posting content. I post “car TikToks” where I just kind of talk about things that happened to me that day or car thoughts that I have (similar to shower thoughts). It’s a good time to post because all of that weird has been pent up inside me all day while I pretend to be a professional.

Jacob gets off earlier than me so he’s always home to greet me and catch up on how our day was. (Favorite part of the day J)

It’s typically 5ish by now so I go ahead and knock my shower out so that I can have the rest of the night to devote to all things Lewwni.

Jacob plays Fortnite competitively and is currently working on successfully streaming on Twitch, so that’s what he does while I’m creating and preparing dinner.

Around 8:30PM we try to call it quits with our devices and spend some time together, typically binging whatever show we’re into at the time and pass out around 10PM.

That was incredibly detailed, but that’s kind of the only way I know how to be, HAHA.  

9. How does your husband feel about your content? (NOT THAT IT MATTERS BC YOU A BAD BITCH)

We’re actually not married yet! Our wedding date is October, 17, 2020 (GUCCI! – brrr) J Anyways, he is literally my biggest. fan. I could not ask for a better support system. He’s been in it with me every step of the way. Helping whenever I need it, giving me pep talks when I feel discouraged, hyping me up when there was no reason to, etc. Seriously I could go on for days about this because it’s incredible. I am so fortunate to truly be with my soulmate and best friend in life so he’s like this with anything I do, but the support he’s shown me through this is honestly unbelievable. Sometimes he’ll hug me out of nowhere and just be like, “I’m so proud of you. I cannot think of a more deserving person. I want to tell everyone about what you’ve built and accomplished. I know what an amazing human you are and how funny you are so I’m so happy to share that with the world!” He’s truly unmatched when it comes to an ideal spouse. God, I love that man. 

10. What’s next for you? 

SO MUCH! I work my ass off because I LOVE this so much and want to be as successful as I can be with it. I want to do this for a living so I have to work hard. That’s why you see me posting so much content. I tried to continuously gain followers while simultaneously keeping my lewwnitiks happy.

Currently, I am working on starting my Lewwni YouTube channel. My first video should be up by the end of February.

Next, I’m releasing some merch. I hope to have that released by the end of March at the latest. (I’m so excited!)

My goal is to hopefully be successful on YouTube while continuing to do TikTok the same as I do now. Ideally I would grow a large following and fan base on YouTube so that I could make this my full time job. Should I accomplish all of those goals, I would absolutely LOVE to start a podcast with Jacob where we just talk about all kind of things! Life, love, stuff going on in the world, etc. – we’d cover it all. That’s what I hope is next for me. Lewwni is coming hard for 2020!

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