We Finally Got A Trailer For The Challenge 35, Here Is What It Told Us

The Challenge 35 Unit / Gallery

After a teaser trailer that told fans nothing about the upcoming 35th season of MTV’s hit series The Challenge we were finally gifted with a longer preview of what is to come.

If you have been lucky enough to avoid spoilers (I was not and thus I have to try to forget who won) then the trailer dropped bombs for you. So here is what we know:

-The season is called TOTAL MADNESS

I guess War Of The Worlds 3 wasn’t a good call given January’s almost war.

-There are plenty of rookies

Expect to see new faces from Big Brother, The Amazing Race AND Survivor. I wonder who will hook up with who…

-Along with rookies there are returning vets and challengers we haven’t seen in a few seasons

The return of Jailah is upon us, MTV’s baby daddy Cory is trying for the money again and Wes will probably f*ck up and get eliminated week one.

-They live in a bunker

No mansion or villa this time, the challengers are stuck in a windowless bunker where I am certain the booze will still flow and Bananas will make a speech.

Challengers must win an elimination to get to the final

This is always one of my favourite twists, it makes the cast prove they WANT IT.

-The new season starts on April 1st


See it all for yourself below, and check out the cast list in my previous post!