Bunker Love And War: MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 1 First Thoughts

A lot of us had to make a hard choice…Survivor or The Challenge. But I am not going to launch back into my rant about the two shows airing at the same time.
The premiere had a lot to talk about so I’m going to do this simply: in point form.

The first challenge was no joke

-The rookies: for once they are STACKED with potential…well all of course except for Jennifer Lee.

-The return of Kailah: she always brings the drama.

-Asaf and Nany: a short lived romance but I’m sure a passionate one.

-Ashley and Big T working together?

-Dee plans to c*ck block the stripper

-Bear’s eyebrows…

-Asaf’s show listings: why are we ignoring his time on AYTO and AYTO:Second Chances?

-Jay: He is my crush this season.

-Good guy Nelly: Nelson claimed hes a good guy or something

-The twist: competitors must complete an elimination challenge in order to make it to the final.

-Bayleigh is devoted to Chris: If you f*ck with her you f*ck with her soon-to-be hubby

-Dee has been training: you can see it

-Don’t mess(y) with Fessy: The Big Brother alumni is like 8 feet and built like an NFL player. He would have been great competition for Zach.

-Bear fancies Kailah: although most of us know how this turns out.

-Bananas and Wes: they are secretly working together or whatever.

-Queen Melissa is back: with her partner…a baby inside of her.

-Tori and Jenny have been training: for puzzles and math lol

This season is going to be a good one, and I’m HYPED. The Challenge is the unofficial 5th sport and with all others sports cancelled CHALLENGE STANS CAN UNITE AND TAKE OVER.